Our Logo's History
This beautiful logo was drawn by Joe McInnis, a member of our Southside Corpus Christi Rotary Club many years ago.  Joe was in a wheelchair and had almost no use of his arms or hands, so he drew this logo with his mouth and teeth
CLUB PRESIDENT (2021-2022) 
Club Information:
“This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it. The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again.”
~Paul Harris, This Rotarian Age, circa 1935
Join Us:
Rotary Club of Southside Corpus Christi meets on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM at the Corpus Christi Country Club located at 6300 Everhart Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
You are welcome to join us. Contact us for details
Southside Rotary Stories
Last Wednesday (9/22/21) our members celebrated Rotary's Basic Education and Literacy month by visiting the Los Pequeños Head Start Center and reading the book "The Big Umbrella" to the children.
Congratulations to graduates in our Sponsored Clubs !!!
St. John Paul II High School Club 
           Veterans Memorial High School Club
                    Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Club
                  Congratulations !!
2021-2022 Club President Zehra Surani
Joe Bader
Matthew D. Beavers
Gerene Beckley
Ralph Bennett
John D. Berry
Abe Blum
Gary Blum
Peggy Brisgill
Leonard Bucklin
Dick Cannon
Hazel Irene Clary
Lola Clary-Blair (+2)
Jeff Claus (+1)
David Coggins
Jack Colmenero
Leland R. Combs (+1)
Sherry Corbin
Cecil Cotton
Jim Cramer
Ellison Crider
C. Thomas "Tom" Cron
Martin Davis
Irving Dietz
Alfred Edge
David Engel
Nina Espinosa
Richard R. Espinosa (+1)
Nancy Foster (+1)
Betty W. Frantum (+8)
Angie Frost
Kyle Fuehrer
Kathy Funk-Baxter
Henry Garrett (+1)
Michael Garrison (+2)
Suzanne Guggenheim (+8)
Zan Hackley
Bruce Hamende
Bette Harris
Lynn Shiner
Wayne Six
Dwain Harris
Richard Harris
Ganel Hart
George Hart
Andrea Harwell
George Harwell
Bob Hartzell
Margaret Hawkins (+1)
Robert Hawkins (+1)
Fred Hayden
Harry Heaney
Dyke Henderson
Kay Henderson
Brian High
Deborah "Debbie" High (+8)
Joseph High (+5)
Douglas Hirdler 
Gene Howard (+1)
J. Edmond Jackson (+1)
Gary Jeffress (+1)
James M. Jones
Pete Jones
Jimmie D. "Jim" Kaelin (+1)
Gene Koch
Glen Kost
Jerret Krouse
Barry Lobell
Erika Lochner
Art Lynn
Michelle Maresh-Fuehrer
Bridget Markwood
Ruth Marler
Joe McComb
Ned Middleton
Erasmo Nava
Janet Niemec
Jerry Niemec
Don Ocker
John A. Seaman (+1)
Gerald Smith
Jennifer M. Smith-Engle (+1)
David Lou Solka
Jack Solka
David E. Spencer
PDG Marilyn Spencer (+4)
Anita Spreen
George Stewart
Jim Still
Walter Stoops
Clemens "Clem" Struve (+1)
Scott Sutherland
Howard Tirschwell
John Thurston (+1)
Christine Udeani (+1)
Rodney "Rod" Vaughn (+1)
J.R. Viola
Peter Volpe
David Lee Walker (+1)
Virginia Briggs Weaver (+1)
Rendell Webb (+1)
William White (+3)
Kenneth S. Wingfield
Lari Young
Solomon Ortiz
John W. Owen (+3)
Raymond Perez
Lynn Pfluger
Jim Presley
Edd Price (+3)
Pat Prouty
PDG Don Ratcliff (+8)
Jana Prigmore Ratcliff
Jane Ratcliff
Mack Ray
R. Doyne Reynolds (+1)
Nancy Ross (+4)
Earl G. Rowell
Rush Rowell
Ike Salinas
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