At the Southside Corpus Christi Rotary Club, we believe in the power of swift action to foster long-lasting change. Our projects spread throughout the year, are designed to make a significant impact within 30 days of their initiation. This rapid approach to community service not only meets immediate needs but also sows the seeds for enduring benefits.

Weekly Gatherings at the Country Club

Our journey of transformation begins at our weekly meetings at the Corpus Christi Country Club. Here, in the company of guest speakers and amidst shared meals, our members – a diverse group of committed leaders – brainstorm and plan. It's where ideas take shape to become impactful projects.

Ramp Champs: Building Accessibility All Year Round

The Ramp Champs project exemplifies our commitment to continuous service. Throughout the year, we build wheelchair ramps that transform lives within days of starting each project. These ramps are more than structures; they represent the mobility and independence we strive to offer our community members.

Rotary Reading Circle: A Year of Nurturing Young Minds

Our engagement in education is a year-round commitment, highlighted during the Rotary's Basic Education and Literacy Month. Our visits to the Los Pequeños Head Start Center, for instance, leave an indelible mark on young learners, fostering a love for reading that lasts well beyond our day of storytelling.

Flag Service: Honoring Through the Seasons

The Flag Service project, spanning multiple national holidays, is a recurring tribute to honor and remember. Teaming up with Boy Scout Troop 232, we decorate neighborhoods with flags, a gesture that resonates deeply with the community, reflecting our patriotic
spirit and collective gratitude.


In the Southside Corpus Christi Rotary Club, every month unfolds a story of transformation. While our projects may vary in duration, each is initiated with the goal of creating substantial impact within 30 days. Join us in our mission to make meaningful changes, one project at a time, as we continue to strengthen and uplift our community together.